Aelia Duty Free in Auckland Airport unveiled The travel retailer has successfully unveiled their full Aelia Duty Free Departure store in Auckland International Airport.  Debuting in the airport in July 2015, Aelia Duty Free has been significantly transformed to deliver a world class Duty Free experience, both in-store and...» read more
Lagardere Travel Retail unveil new stores at Gold Coast Airport After being awarded 5 sites in a competitive tender process in 2016, Lagardere Travel Retail have unveiled concessions in Gold Coast Airport's International and Domestic Common User Terminal. » read more
Lagardere Travel Retail secures renewal of RELAY stores in Auckland Airport Lagardere Travel Retail has successfully renewed its 5 store concession for the world market leading RELAY concept in Auckland Airport, in what was a very competitive tender process.» read more
Lagardère Travel Retail’s World Whisky Tour promotion Lagardère Travel Retail has recently concluded one of the largest ever promotional campaigns run within their Duty Free business in the Pacific region: The World Whisky Tour. The promotion, an exclusive for the region, was an innovative collaboration between Suppliers, Landlords, Customers...» read more
Victoria’s Secret Glitter iPhone case product recall Victoria's Secret Glitter iPhone case product recall» read more
Lagardère Travel Retail Extends Partnership with Christchurch Airport The travel retailer has been successful in extending the partnership with Christchurch Airport through the renewal of three RELAY stores, as well as the addition of two of their well-recognised concepts, tech2go and Sunglass Hut. By offering new, exciting and innovative brands...» read more
Lagardère Travel Retail opens Aelia Duty Free at Cairns Airport Opening in both Arrivals and Departures and covering over 1000 square metres of retail space, Lagardere Travel Retail has successfully opened the doors to Aelia Duty Free in the Pacific region at Cairns Airport.Passengers travelling through Cairns Airport ‘s T1 International Terminal...» read more
Lagardère Travel Retail opens M.A.C. in Adelaide Airport The new 38 square metre store boasts a contemporary and stylish design and layout, which is located in a prime position to capture domestic passengers and ‘meeters & greeters’ in Adelaide Airport.» read more
Lagardère Travel Retail awarded 5 concessions in Gold Coast Airport This win will bring to Gold Coast Airport new and innovative concepts, as well as refreshing some of their successful concepts currently at the Airport operated by the group. All 5 concessions have been awarded for 5 year terms, with the...» read more
Lagardère Travel Retail wins major Duty Free & Specialty concessions at Cairns Airport Following their success in a competitive tender process, Lagardère Travel Retail has been awarded 10 year concessions to operate Duty Free and Specialty at Cairns Airport. This win signals a strong and successful partnership with Cairns Airport and reinforces Lagardère Travel Retail’s...» read more
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