LS travel retail and Shanghai Press & Publishing Development Company launches 3rd ‘Discover China’ Global Celebration

In celebration of the Chinese New Year, LS travel retail proudly announces the launch of “Discover China”, a worldwide Chinese New Year celebration across 16 countries and in more than 170 airports and stations in over 500 LS travel retail stores. It is the 3rd year that this partnership presents this exclusive joint campaign to mark the start of the Chinese New Year globally.

This year, “Discover China” will be staged in 544 individual LS travel retail stores across Europe, North America and Asia Pacific and as such is one of the largest and widest promotional events ever organised by a single retailer in the travel retail environment. LS travel retail is globally the largest and leading News, Books and Convenience retailer in travel retail and proudly able to stage such a magnificent event due to this large retail network and long standing working relationship in China with Shanghai Press and Publishing Department Company (SPPD).


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