Contract For 9 News, Books And Convenience Stores In Changi Airport

Times Newslink announces award of contract agreement to renew the successful leases of 6 existing news, books and convenience stores under RELAY and Times Travel concepts in Changi T1 and T3 and the recoup of 3 news, books and convenience stores in Changi T2 after the loss to Dufry-owned Hudson News outlets in 2010.

The company was awarded lease agreement to operate 9 news, books and convenience concessions with a 3-year tenancy agreement each starting from September 2012.

The contract win of 9 news, books and convenience stores spanning over Changi Airport’s three terminals is a strategic move between the two companies to continue to address the needs of busy travellers in this region. The company plans to launch these concessions with the award-winning RELAY and exciting Times Travel concepts; dynamic press and book stores addressing the needs of those people on the move. The stores each covering an average of 170 square metres will retail books, press (magazines & newspapers), souvenirs, and convenience and impulse products amongst a diverse merchandising mix. Times Travel aims to keep travellers up-to-date with the latest print releases from around the globe. Its exclusive “Be a Traveller” section stocks an extensive selection of travel books, maps, travel-related merchandise, and a listening station where travellers can pick up different languages. Retailing the latest publications, together with a selection of gifts and souvenirs for the travelling passenger globally, RELAY are one of the world’s most successful travel retail stops, serving over 1 million customers on a daily basis through its 1300 locations in more than 19 countries at airports, railways and metros.


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